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Gas & combi filters
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  1. Acetate
  2. Aluminum
  3. Butyl
  4. Cotton
  5. Dyneema
  6. HPPE
  7. Kevlar
  8. Latex
  9. Leather
  10. Neoprene
  11. Nitrile
  12. Nylon
  13. Para Aramid
  14. Polycarbonate
  15. Polyester
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  17. Silicone
  18. Spalt
  19. Steel
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Particle Filters
Protective Clothing Type
  1. Type 6 12 items
  2. Type 5 12 items
  3. Type 5-B 28 items
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  26. EN 12492
  27. EN 13034
  28. EN ISO 13982
  29. EN 14126
  30. EN 14594
  31. EN ISO 20345
  32. EN 50365
  33. EN ISO 61340
  34. EN ISO 61340-4-3
  35. EC 1935/2004
  36. OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  37. ATEX EX
Tensile Strength
Weight Capacity
Wire Material
  1. Galvanised Steel
  2. Webbing

Are you in need of safety shoes, work gloves, respiratory equipment or something else? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find personal safety from well-known brands such as 3M, Honeywell & by Stennevad - our own quality label.

dexter 81

Leathergloves goat fabric back

DKK29.38 DKK23.50
In stock
Ruffman 101

Leathergloves ox 1. class

DKK51.25 DKK41.00
In stock
Bracer original

Gloves spalt leathernot

DKK42.50 DKK34.00
In stock
dexter 555

Glove goat long manchet

DKK43.13 DKK34.50
In stock


DKK15.00 DKK12.00
In stock
Superflex Micro Touch

Superflex Micro Touch

DKK18.13 DKK14.50
In stock
Superflex WP Extreme

Superflex WP Extreme

DKK60.00 DKK48.00
In stock
Challenge Cup

Designed in a durable material that provides good ventilation for optimized comfort

DKK761.25 DKK609.00
Kun 0 tilbage
X Bluetooth adapter

Connect adapter to your phone. Plug and play

DKK813.75 DKK651.00
In stock
Combipack 30030 plus 2 ABEK1P3 filters

Respirtory Protection when it hs to be esy, fst nd good ll t the sme time. Combipck is ...

DKK268.75 DKK215.00
In stock
Knitmaster basic

Glove polyester dotted size 10

DKK3.75 DKK3.00
In stock
Sweat band Vertex

Foam for Vertex & Alveo

DKK77.50 DKK62.00
In stock
Clearways CB20

Face shield main buckle

DKK145.63 DKK116.50
In stock
EAR Caps

Plastic hoop with round earplugs

DKK39.25 DKK31.40
In stock
Solus Kit

Kit with clear glasses and string

DKK175.95 DKK140.76
In stock
Lavoro shoelaces 130 cm

Here you get shoe laces of a high quality at a very fair price

DKK20.63 DKK16.50
In stock
Protac 3 Slim Helmet

Helps protect against harmful noise while allowing ambient noise to be heard

DKK779.34 DKK623.47
In stock
Lite Com

Perfect two-way communication over short distances

DKK5,748.51 DKK4,598.81
In stock

Hygiene set for X2 earmuffs

DKK75.80 DKK60.64
In stock
X5 Helmet

A new standard in design, comfort and protection

DKK363.35 DKK290.68
In stock

With A1P2 filter

DKK236.78 DKK189.42
In stock

Provided with a comfortable face seal

DKK3,150.29 DKK2,520.23
In stock

P2 mask

DKK20.68 DKK16.54
In stock

For workers who are exposed to intermitent or low levels of noise

DKK57.50 DKK46.00
In stock

Get home safely - every day

In short, personal safety is about getting home safe from work every day, year-round. Only a fateful day is needed to change an entire life and all life around it. Therefore, you will find at Stennevad personal protective equipment such as work gloves , safety helmets, safety shoes and respiratory protection of all types and kinds - because everyone is not the same and it is important that you and your colleagues have the correct personal protective equipment for your work and your people. We take great pride in advising you on the correct safety solution for you, therefore you will be able to find guides on this page as well as our customer service on email and phone. We have everything from our personal protective equipment suppliers, which includes world-renowned brands like 3M, Honeywell, Ansell, Kask, Lavoro, Sundström and many more - if you do not find the product on this page please contact us, We can provide everything for you and your colleagues.

Watch your hands

We have a very long and broad experience when it comes to personal protective equipment and work gloves. We started producing our own work gloves in the 80's, which is only something we have become even better with over time. Here are examples like our popular glove Superflex Classic, its little brother Superflex 2, our series of technical gloves dexter and, of course, the welding Bracer series. You will find them all under our own brand by Stennevad. You will of course also find a lot of gloves from Ansell, we have been with them from the start when they were called Edmont. You will of course find both new ones such as ActivArmr which is a special glove that brings a lot new features to the Offshore and oil industry, but also old faithful lines such as the Solvex and Microflex series.

Your lungs must last a lifetime

This is truly about life and death, without the proper respiratory protection, the hero does not live. If there is something that requires expert guidance unparalleled, then it is personal protective equipment, especially respiratory protection. Here you are with Stennevad and our experts in respiratory protection. Keep in mind, however, that there is no one - including us, who can or may give permission for circumvention or breach of applicable laws in personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment. Especially respiratory protection is a complicated field where you come really far with Stennevad and our quality respiratory protection from, among other things, 3M with their Scott turbot engines Scott Proflow and Scott Duraflow, Sundström with their lines of turbo respiratory protection such as the SR500 which with TH3 is absolutely top safety and Honeywell which with their Compact Air turbo is also on top where it counts. In addition, we also make our own customized compressor solutions for you and your employees' needs. Do not compromise on your and your colleagues' lives, always make sure you get an approved solution and get to know the equipment well before using.

Watch your head

When it comes to safety helmets, Stennevad is your safety partner. We are with Kask and their groundbreaking safety helmets such as the ultra popular Kask Plasma AQ and Kask Plasma AQ Hiviz safety helmet completely in front. Under Kask you will also find their new revolutionary helmet Zenith available in editions approved as work helmet and approved as climbing helmet. They even have a hybrid that with brand new technology can switch over and change purpose. Of course, we also have 3M's Peltor program with both the Peltor G2000 and Peltor G3000, as well as Grolls and their AC Balance helmet. If you are industrial athletes, you will know Darlingen Petzl where you will find us. Petzl Vertex ST and Petzl Vertex Best.