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Micro Fan

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Prevents carbon dioxide accumulation on the inside of the mask

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Micro Fan

The traditional masks do not solve the problem of the low comfort of long-term use of the mask. Here there are problems with the discharge of respiratory air. Therefore, the carbon dioxide and moisture inhale from respiratory air. For daily use of the traditional mask, users often experience a nasal crash due to the accumulated heat and humidity that occurs in the mask. At the same time, carbon dioxide accumulates in the mask that results in symptoms of dizziness, lack of attention and headache.


  • Reduces temperature by up to 4 degrees li> Reduces relative humidity by up to 40%
  • Draws carbon dioxide out of the mask and prevents headache and dizziness
  • Easy to charge via micro USB approx. 2.5 hours operating time per charging - 1 hour charging time - 1250 hours lifetime
Remember to buy either the P2 or P3 masks - this is just the fan itself.

PN 79626010
Brand Air+
Standard EN 149
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 149:2001 FFP3
Material Acetate
Weight 0.0000
GTIN 0799439621749
Content 120 ml
Anti-Fog Yes
Lumen 100
Mounting Helmet
Gas & combi filters ABEK2P3
Particle Filters P3
Width 50 mm
Height 34 mm
Thickness 55 my
Spectacle strength 2.50
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
SNR 33 decibel
Size XL
Color Black
Volume 2.3L
Dimensions 200 x 200 mm
Diameter 8 mm
Length 6 m
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