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Rd40 AXP3

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AXP3 filter with Rd40 mount and aluminum body

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Rd40 AXP3

AX protects against vapor from organic solvents with boiling point at / or below 65 ° C according to the supplier's information. Filter Type AX is available in only one class. The filters are disposable filters and must be disposed of the same day they have been used. P3 has the highest degree of excretion and protects as class P2 as well as against radioactive dust, bacteria and viruses. The filter is usually used for both solid particles and liquid aerosols. Is the filter tested according to EN149: 2001, protects the filter against solid particles and liquid aerosols.

PN 71727500
Brand Honeywell
Standard EN 148, EN 14387
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 14387:2004 AXP3
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.3100
GTIN 7312557850186
Content 120 ml
Anti-Fog Yes
Lumen 100
Mounting Helmet
Gas & combi filters AX-P3
Particle Filters P3
Width 50 mm
Height 34 mm
Thickness 55 my
Spectacle strength 2.50
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
SNR 33 decibel
Size L
Color Black
Volume 2.3L
Dimensions 200 x 200 mm
Diameter 8 mm
Length 6 m
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