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Slim and sturdy turbocharger protection specially designed for welders

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The 3M Adflo turbo engine is not just a new version of an existing heavy and inconvenient turbocharger from the industry - it's a sleek and robust turbocharger gun specially designed for welders. Since its launch 13 years ago, Adflo has become one of the world's most popular active turbo respirators in the world. Features and Benefits: Filter hood: contains spark plug, which can be changed by the user. Prefilter: Extends the life of the particle filter. Particle filter: high efficiency filtering of particles. Gas Filter: (A1B1E1 or A2) cleans the air for organic and inorganic vapors, as well as acid gases and ozone. Gas filters are sold separately. Odor filter: removes unpleasant odors (can not be fitted with gas filter): sold separately. Li-ion battery: Full charge of 4.5 hours. The expected operating time is 8 hours with new particle filter, new fully charged battery and standard airflow. Brushless engine: with three times as long average life as ordinary blowers. Filter Indicator: Displays the state of the particulate filter. Airflow Plus: With hot and humid work, you can increase the airflow from 170 l / min. to 200 l / min. by pressing the on / off button. Air hose: self-adjusting or reinforced rubber hose. Air ducts: distributes the filtered air to the entire inhalation zone of the screen. The Adflo fan's built-in electronics keep the airflow at a constant preset level. An air distributor spreads the airflow pattern so you experience maximum comfort. Soft and flexible face seal (removed here for the sake of the picture): creates excessive pressure inside the helmet so that the surrounding polluted air is kept out. Comes with belt and battery

PN 38377300
Brand 3M
Standard EN 12941
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 12941:1998 TH2, EN 12941:1998 TH3
Material Steel
Weight 0.0000
GTIN 4046719817122
Content 1 l
Anti-Fog Yes
Lumen 100
Mounting Helmet
Gas & combi filters ABE1
Particle Filters P3
Width 55 mm
Height 34 mm
Thickness 55 my
Spectacle strength 2.50
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
SNR 30 decibel
Size L
Color Yellow
Volume 100 L
Diameter 8 mm
Length 58 cm
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