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Cut resistant gloves, for those who work where there is a need to protect against damage of fingers and hands. Here you will find many kinds and sizes.

High Impact

High Impact

DKK223.75 DKK179.00
In stock
Superflex Cut

Superflex Cut

DKK73.75 DKK59.00
In stock
Maxicut Ultra

Glove for mounting and other fine sort of work

DKK98.75 DKK79.00
In stock

With Mesh, we show our customers that the highest quality does not cost a fortune.

DKK61.25 DKK49.00
In stock
Safe-Knit GP

Can be used as an under glove with one of Ansell super-tough nitrile gloves.

DKK200.00 DKK160.00
Out of stock
Powerflex 80-658

Extreme resistance to cuts, splinters and burrs. The Poerflex 80-658 glove protects the earer ...

DKK186.88 DKK149.50
In stock
Powerflex 80-600

Excellent cut resistance with comfort and a sure grip

DKK150.00 DKK120.00
Out of stock
HyFlex 11-425

Excellent comfort and dexterity with a high level of cut protection

DKK150.00 DKK120.00
In stock

What are cut-resistant gloves?

Kevlar gloves, Nomex gloves, cut-proof gloves, cut resistant gloves, dear child has many names as they say. But the actual work gloves are quite the same. Kevlar and Nomex gloves are made with patented liners and are therefore also more expensive than other gloves with Aramid liner. You will find all these types of gloves in Stennevad under anti-slip work gloves, which is the correct term for this type of safety gloves. They are not completely cut-proof like a metal armor or the like. Therefore, we have chosen to categorize all these gloves under cut resistant, as that is what they are - cut resistant. Here you will find innovative solutions such as our very own High Impact safety glove, which has both cut resistant and other properties in spades.

How can cut resistant gloves used?

Cut resistant gloves are suitable for you and your colleagues who work where there is risk of injury to fingers and hands. You may be working at a factory where you and your colleagues handle steel sheets and items with your hands and therefore need protection. Or maybe you work in the offshore and wind industry and have many tasks where you can cut yourself, the same applies if you and your employees work as fitters and are out of your mind in your interesting and changing everyday life.

How should cut resistant gloves should not be used?

You may not use cut-resistant gloves near heavy machinery such as sawmill and the like, since in accident situations creates much bigger accidents. For example, if you work as a carpenter and uses a table saw to cut wood, so please do not use cut-resistant gloves, the same applies if you are using a pillar drill. The reason you in these situations should not use a work glove is cut resistant (ie gloves with a great cut resistant property) is that if the machine gets hold of your cut-resistant glove, then break it as a normal working gloves would. And so the damage can go from being small cracks and cuts to be massive occupational injuries where limbs are lost. You will find info about cut resistant gloves on this page, if you need more instructions, get hold of our customer service - you are safely on your way.