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Glove Dipping
  1. Cotton
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  1. EN 374
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  3. EN 420
  4. EN 1149
  5. EC 1935/2004

When you need absolute finger sensation at work, without compromising your work safety, then our range of disposable gloves is here for you.

Versatouch 92-200

Comfort, dexterity and protection for food processing. Only in size 10,5-11

DKK117.50 DKK94.00
In stock
TouchNTuff 92-605

Proven splash resistance against hazardous chemicals

DKK222.50 DKK178.00
In stock

NeoTouch gloves are inspected to an AQL of 1.5 for pinholes, which matches the legal ...

DKK198.75 DKK159.00
In stock
TouchNTuff 93-250

Minimizes the force required to grip dry, wet or oily objects, reducing hand and arm fatigue and ...

DKK173.75 DKK139.00
In stock
Nitrilite 93-401

The 100% nitrile polymer prevents the risk of allergies related to latex proteins for the ...

DKK307.50 DKK246.00
In stock
TouchNTuff 92-600

Proven splash resistance against hazardous chemicals

DKK211.25 DKK169.00
In stock
TouchNTuff 92-500

Proven splash resistance against hazardous chemicals

DKK166.25 DKK133.00
In stock
TouchNTuff 69-318

Combined safety and comfort for delicate handling

DKK116.88 DKK93.50
In stock
TouchNTuff 92-670

Textured single use nitrile gloves

DKK187.50 DKK150.00
In stock
MicroFlex 93-833

Certified Ergonomic Nitrile Exam Gloves

DKK282.50 DKK226.00
In stock
Microflex 93-260

Tough chemical protection unparalleled comfort

DKK212.50 DKK170.00
In stock

Where are disposable gloves used?

For those who work fine mechanics and need gloves that protect your hands and skin against oils, and other liquids, disposable gloves are perfect. Easy to put on and odorless when you take them off, we lead Gloves from world-renowned Ansell who are all in front. Here you will find everything from the traditional transparent "petrol gloves" to the most advanced disposable gloves that can handle both oil and other chemistry with ease.

Why disposable gloves?

With all the recycling initiatives and ever-growing focus on optimization and savings, it may be hard to see why disposable gloves may be relevant as work gloves. Today there is a change of the major manufacturers of work gloves, especially those that are suitable for chemical- and with good reason. Historically, work gloves for chemistry have been a difficult subject many did not understand, and unfortunately caused a lot of work injuries over time. Damage came from the fact that the workers would not scramble with the expensive gloves, and did not understand that the gloves' useful lives start by touching the chemical and still run regardless of whether they are actively used. Therefore, they are cheaper disposable gloves by replacing their thicker and more expensive alternatives. Companies like Ansell are at the forefront of the development of work gloves - especially disposable gloves.

Ansell - the king of disposable gloves

You are sure that Ansell are high quality disposable gloves, Ansell for decades has been a constant fire with us in Stennevad. Ansell is a leader in work gloves, especially within disposable gloves suitable for use in chemistry. Which is both a revolutionary mindset when thinking about crowns and ears, but more importantly when it comes to your hands and work safety for your and your colleagues. Disposable gloves are the cheapest type of work glove, both when we speak security but also in terms of money.