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MicroFlex 93-833

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Certified Ergonomic Nitrile Exam Gloves

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MicroFlex 93-833

Designed to reduce hand fatigue and help workers be more productive while exerting less muscle effort. As the first exam glove to earn an Ergonomic Certification from U.S. Ergonomics, an industry leader in ergonomic standards, Microflex 93-833 helps protect workers from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and minimizes the risk factors towards developing ergonomic work place injuries. Offers a more comfortable, and lighter weight glove versus most other examination gloves with its 0.07mm palm thickness and our advanced proprietary nitrile formulation which delivers an increased tactile sensitivity. Up to 60% stronger than leading nitrile brands and up to 90% stronger than leading latex brands, this surprisingly thinner and lighter examination glove, provides reliable durability and longevity for the wearer. Offers confident protection from pinholes and other quality issues, by setting the standard with acceptable pinhole rates that are below the already stringent level set by regulatory organizations. Contains no natural rubber latex or powder to help protect wearers from skin allergies, skin irritation and dryness.

Ideal applications

  • Analytical testing/Measurements
  • Biotechnologies
  • Dairy processing
  • Food Processing
  • Intricate parts handling
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Laboratory testing
  • Light assembly tasks
  • Light duty maintenance and clean up
  • Paint and spray shops
  • Patient examinations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Preparing pharmaceutical products
  • Protection from blood and other bodily fluids

PN 17833
Brand Ansell
Standard EN 374, EN 420, EN 1149, EC 1935/2004
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 374:2003 Micro-Organisms, EN374:2003 Waterproof
Material Nitrile
Weight 1.1040
AQL Value 0.65
Color Blue
Length 240 mm
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