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TouchNTuff 69-318

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Combined safety and comfort for delicate handling

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TouchNTuff 69-318

Ambidextrous, same glove fits both hands. Convenient and economical. Stocks can be kept to a minimum. Flexible and comfortable to wear. Cooler than vinyl, with superior finger flexibility and grip. Available in both powdered and powder-free versions

Ideal applications

  • Electronic manufacture
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals

PN 17554
Brand Ansell
Standard EN 374, EN 420, EC 1935/2004
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 374:2003 Micro-Organisms, EN374:2003 Waterproof
Material Latex
Weight 0.8400
AQL Value 1.5
Color Brown
Length 240 mm
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Product variants
TouchNTuff 69-318175540076.5 - 7In stock116,88 /ÆSKE
TouchNTuff 69-318175540087.5 - 8In stock116,88 /ÆSKE
TouchNTuff 69-318175540098.5 - 9In stock116,88 /ÆSKE
TouchNTuff 69-318175540109.5 - 10In stock116,88 /ÆSKE