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Here you will find cotton gloves, white gloves and other work gloves for minimal ricisi, they are for you who only need minimum protection.

Butler original

Glove cotton dotted

DKK8.44 DKK6.75
In stock
Knitmaster Pro

Knitmaster Pro

GGlove polyester dotted

DKK6.88 DKK5.50
In stock
Butler grip

Glove white cotton

DKK6.56 DKK5.25
In stock
Glove frotte ribbed

Glove frotte ribbed

DKK18.75 DKK15.00
In stock
Glove frotte manchet

Glove frotte manchet

DKK22.50 DKK18.00
In stock
Eczema glove no fingers

Eczema glove no fingers

DKK115.00 DKK92.00
In stock
Knitmaster basic

Glove polyester dotted size 10

DKK3.75 DKK3.00
In stock
Neptune Kevlar 70-205

Ansell’s Neptune Kevlar knitted gloves are designed to provide superior mechanical strength in ...

DKK63.13 DKK50.50
In stock

Why use dot gloves?

If you only need minimum protection, then dot gloves can be for you. Here you will also find eczema gloves, as well as various knitwear and cotton gloves. The affordable solution when the need for security is low. Almost all our white cotton gloves and other gloves are only category 1 work gloves. That is, cotton gloves are only suitable for work with minimal ricisi, in other words, it also means that if your workplace assessment stipulates that your colleagues are going to use Category 2 work gloves, you can not just wear cotton gloves with Category 1 approval.

Alternatives to dot gloves

If you and your colleagues need work gloves that are approved by category 2, but still have to be simple and cheap. So take a look at our selection of mounting gloves, they are all approved according to EN 388 and will secure you and your hands against cutouts from boxes and items in your production, packing and warehouse. Alternatively, if you use white cotton gloves for your freezer, frost sharing or cold store, look for the winter gloves selection here on our website. This is where you find work gloves that are suitable for work under cool conditions.

The cheapest safety glove?

We often look that people choose cotton gloves as a solution when it comes to safety gloves, but unfortunately it is not often the right and safe decision. It is perfectly correct that you are looking for a long time to find cheaper gloves, but is it now the cheapest solution for your business? Our experience says that the consumption of gloves is almost twice as high when you have chosen cotton gloves as a solution for work gloves. It is because both cotton gloves are less durable and also because the employees have to take 2 or more pairs at a time when working in cooler conditions. Therefore, the fast and "cheap" solution is not really much cheaper than a solution with mounting or winter gloves, so you and your employees are also ensured that you comply with your APV and have the best work environment and comfort at work - every day.