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AQL Value
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  1. Yes 46 items
Spectacle strength
Glove Dipping
  1. Kevlar
  2. Polycarbonate
  3. PU
  4. PVC
  5. Silicone
Max Load
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  1. Type 6 10 items
  2. Type 5 10 items
  3. Type 5-B 33 items
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  5. Type 3-B 33 items
  1. EN 166
  2. EN 345
  3. EN ISO 20345
  4. EN ISO 61340
  5. EN ISO 61340-4-3
  6. EN ISO61340-5-1
  7. IP67
Weight Capacity
Wire Material
  1. Webbing

You will find a wide range of safety shoes, boots & boots here

Challenge Cup

Designed in a durable material that provides good ventilation for optimized comfort

DKK761.25 DKK609.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Urban 290

Nice shoes for you who work indoors, with electronics and light industry

DKK661.25 DKK529.00
Out of stock

Nice sporty safety sandal with Dri-lex inner lining. Very comfortable soft sandal

DKK731.25 DKK585.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Green Light

Turn the wheel instead of tightly binding your shoes.

DKK911.25 DKK729.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Air Wave

A shoe from Lavoro's new line, this edition is with the super fast atox closure

DKK1,398.75 DKK1,119.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Exploration Low

Powerful safety boot in core leather and lined with Aquatex waterproof membrane.

DKK806.25 DKK645.00
In stock

New bold and exciting shoes from world-famous Lavoro, suitable for industry.

DKK743.75 DKK595.00
Kun 1 tilbage

New bold safety shoes from famous Lavoro for light industry and electronics

DKK743.75 DKK595.00
Kun 1 tilbage

Nice sporty safety shoes with Dri-lex inside. Very comfortable soft shoes.

DKK731.25 DKK585.00
In stock

Winter boot with special shock absorbing PU sole and lining.

DKK1,311.25 DKK1,049.00
In stock
Exploration High

Powerful safety boot in core leather and with lining an Aquatex waterproof membrane.

DKK911.25 DKK729.00
Kun 1 tilbage
New Protector

Welding boot of core leather with a steel cap and steel insulation cap.

DKK618.75 DKK495.00
Kun 0 tilbage

Very easy with sporty look. Dri-lex lining inside.Lightflex sole. Antistatic

DKK711.25 DKK569.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Icegrip Universal

Sturdy icegrips designed to give optimum grip when walking on snow, ice and in mixed ...

DKK156.25 DKK125.00
In stock
Lavoro shoelaces 80 cm

Here you get shoe laces of a high quality at a very fair price

DKK14.38 DKK11.50
In stock
Lavoro shoelaces 100 cm

Here you get shoe laces of a high quality at a very fair price

DKK16.88 DKK13.50
In stock
Lavoro shoelaces 130 cm

Here you get shoe laces of a high quality at a very fair price

DKK20.63 DKK16.50
In stock
421 Advantage

Wide fit, with reflector details, ESD-approved and thus minimizes static electricity

DKK1,548.75 DKK1,239.00
Kun 0 tilbage
481 B-Dry Low Boot

With reflective details, closed plush, waterproof and breathable membrane

DKK1,786.25 DKK1,429.00
Kun 0 tilbage
333 Fading Grey

With waterproof and breathable membrane, extra good shock absorption and ESD-approved

DKK1,473.75 DKK1,179.00
Kun 0 tilbage
361 Light Industry

Super lightweight and comfortable safety shoe with reflective details

DKK1,123.75 DKK899.00
Out of stock
449 Welder

The welding boot with easy closure, closed plush, wide fit, with reflector details, ESD-approved ...

DKK1,673.75 DKK1,339.00
Kun 2 tilbage
480 B-Dry Shoe

With reflective details, closed plush, waterproof and breathable membrane

DKK1,536.25 DKK1,229.00
Kun 0 tilbage
Brynje Ultimate Footfit Low

Exclusive and supportive insoles designed for optimal support and comfort for low-heeled ...

DKK248.75 DKK199.00
Kun 1 tilbage

Get pleasant safety shoes without compromising safety

You walk in your safety footwear 8 hours each day. So, it's not too much demand that your shoes can carry the task. Stennevad can equip your feet so that they remain your companions without complications. With some good advice from us and our suppliers, you avoid stopping your feet in trouble.

In your work, you are often inclined to forget yourself a little. This sometimes means that your comfort and a comfortable working day are challenged due to incorrect footwear or other worn out equipment. This is basically about understanding the moments involved when you are going to do your work. Let's look at your working environment so your feet can get the safety footwear they need.

Find the best brands in safety shoes at Stennevad

At Stennevad you will find well-known brands like Dunlop, Brynje and Elten safety shoes, but also financial solutions like Lavoro and Cofra. We are always in close dialogue with our collaborators so that we can follow up on the problems you may face. Convenience and comfort always comes before fashion because you must concentrate 100% on your work and not be distracted because your new school ropes or nails.

Use our expertise and choose the right shoes

We have sold safety shoes for more than 40 years, all of which must meet some requirements. From being a safety by-product, we are today where the shoes together with the rest of your safety cover will follow the trends of the time while helping them without any fuss.

We help you so you are guaranteed and modernly dressed.

In addition, you will also find accessories here with us, as we of course also have shock absorbing soles for shoes. Boots and leather grease laces - it's only the imagination that sets the limits for what they do if you get a little advice. Of course, we do not claim that you do not know your feet and your need for safety footwear. But it's not unthinkable that you might learn a little more.