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A1P3 301209

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A new generation of filters for respiratory protection units

6 pcs. a box

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A1P3 301209

Best quality A1P3 filter for work that can be done within a maximum of 3 hours.

This filter gives you full protection when it comes to work in areas with hazards like gas, dust and similar solids particles.

Screw thread

Protection level:
Protection factor: 50X NPF 20X A.P.F. (10 with gas filter)
Restrictions: Do not use in enclosed spaces or places with an oxygen level below 19%!
Applications: An ideal spare part for RSG half masks and whole masks. Cleaning Sanitation Decomposition Construction Work

Replaceable filter containers like these are clearly recommended for most demanding tasks because they, along with a custom mask, provide absolutely better protection than a one-time solution like dust masks.

When you need to correct the correct safety equipment, there's almost nothing more important than your breathing and breathing. And with a mask from RSG, you have the very best starting point to carry out your work safely and safely.

A mask is one thing, but you need to make sure your mask is equipped with the right type of filter. Whether it's a mask for one or two filters makes no difference. Always use only the same filter type. So do not combine with two different filters if your mask has two threaded inputs. Your mask and filters must be approved for use together. That is, as a rule of thumb, you should not mix your RSG products with other brands.

With these filter containers, you and your colleagues are guaranteed a top product with performance thereafter. Reasonable price and extremely high quality in a delicious and still traditional design. No matter what, we help Stennevad to find the right filter solution for your job challenge, because it can mean a world to a difference if you protect yourself in a skewed way. Customer service and our consultants exist to advise and guide the right filter solution.

We save your life with certainty.

PN 33011040
Brand RSG
Standard EN 14387
CE Category Category 2
Certification EN 388:2003 0222
Material PVC
Weight 0.0000
GTIN 8718657133188
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
AQL Value 0.65
Color Yellow
Length 300 mm
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