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TPE 400502

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Full Face Mask of perfection. Ideal for usage by professionals. Top product from RSG

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TPE 400502

RSG 500 E Series Full Mask is your guarantee of comfort and tight breathing protection. Unrivaled.

TPE and Silicone rubber are ideal for a mask like this from RSG. There is really thought about the details when your passport is to be awarded to you and your colleagues. The size is universal so the mask fits most facial shapes. And it is still close, which is the most important thing with respiratory protection. Otherwise, you will not be given the highest and most accurate protection.

Areas of application:

Color- Paint
Various manufacturing industries that contain grinding, painting tasks, dishes or similar tasks.

Protection Level:

Protection Factor: 1000X NPF 40X A.P.F. (20 with gas filter)
Restrictions: Do not use in enclosed rooms or places with an oxygen level below 19%
Maintenance: At least once a year in the form of thorough cleaning and control of valves and headband, leak test with certification.

Here are some simple rules of how to get started with your work when you need a mask. Max 3 hours of use per day. Then find out how long your task lasts. Then you can quickly find out if a filter mask is enough for work. Find out which filter to use. Read any safety data sheets in case of products that release more solid particles such as dust.

Possibly with a Fittest at Stennevad. Here we can test how a mask is best adapted to your and your colleagues' faces. You definitely learn something if you need a little education about what demands are made of you as wearing a full-face mask from RSG.

If these things seem challenging, there's no need to despair. Customer Service and Stennevad's nationwide and experienced consultants are ready to advise you in the use and maintenance of the correct respiratory protective device, which may well be your own personal occupational safety in the form of a full-face Silicone or TPE from RSG.

We save your life with certainty.

PN 33014020
Brand RSG
Standard EN 136
CE Category Category 2
Certification EN 388:2003 0222
Material PVC
Weight 0.0000
GTIN 8718657130750
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
AQL Value 0.65
Color Yellow
Length 300 mm
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