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PureFlo ESM+

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A self-contained, modular powered air purifying respirator designed for use in medium and heavy-duty industries including smelting, construction, metal recycling and welding. The modular design enables it to be configured to exactly match the required application.

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The best in turbocharger breathing protection

No hoses or cables for better safety (no wrapping)
No belt mounted fan assembly required to improve user comfort
Ideal for use with a range of protective workwear
Configurable for industrial, pharmaceutical and welding applications
No requirement for facial fit testing and can be used safely with beard and / or glasses
Well balanced and modern design
High-efficiency particle filter provides excellent levels of respiratory protection
Excellent visibility for safety and comfort
Comfortable fit for long-term use with fully adjustable headrest
Lightly integrated breathing, head, eye and face protection
Proven low operating costs with exceptional levels of protection
Includes 2 x 4 -timer NiMH batteries and smart chargers, plus optional 16-station smart multilader.

PN 74003300
Brand Gentex
Standard EN 166, EN 397, EN 12941
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 12941:1998 TH3
Weight 2.9000
Color N/A
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