Chemical 100202

Chemical is your new disposable coverall Type 3/4 from RSG.
10 pcs. a carton

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Protective Clothing TypeType3,Type4

Protective Equipment


Product typeSuits
Standard EN 420, EN 14605


Chemical 100202

With this type of 3/4 suit from RSG, you are assured of a quality product that helps you and your colleagues throughout your working days when demands are made for proper protective clothing in the form of disposable suits.

Be sure your work so you do not have to worry about the right protection when shielding your body from harmful substances and environments.

Chemical provides optimal protection when the suits are used properly. And in Stennevad we can help with counseling and years of experience from our customers.

With Comfort, it is thought of fit and overall comfort when working on a one-time suit. Whether it's price, ventilation or high risk. We have the solution in the form of the Comfort/Cool/Chemical RSG safety suits.

Particularly in an area such as Category 3 in personal safety, knowledge about proper equipment and proper use is incredibly important because the lack can result in serious accidents .


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It's not a question about how with us in Stennevad. It's just a matter of what. We know the answer from a close dialogue with you and your colleagues. In this way we find the right and most suitable safety suit for your work areas. We do this through comprehensive knowledge of personal protective equipment and knowledge of safety data and specifications. With a safety data sheet on the products you work with or near for example, we can quickly find the right suit for your needs. With a little basic education, you also avoid damage to the equipment when it needs to be taken before work.

RSG is very aware that, as users of their products, you only get the very best in PPE. Comfort/Cool/Chemical adequately covers you and your colleagues against known and sometimes unknown risk factors. And we help you to the right one-time suit with our advice. Whether from our consultants or from our competent colleagues in customer service.

We save your life with certainty.


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