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Plum Wipes Heavy-Duty

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150 pcs. for easy and quick cleaning without water.

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Plum Wipes Heavy-Duty

Wipes for effective and gentle removal of oil, diesel oil, grease, paint, glue, resin and other difficult dirt without water use. The soft wipe can be used to clean the hands, hard surfaces, machinery, etc. Ideal for service vehicles and where water access is limited. * Note! This product can in certain cases lead to accidental matting and / or discoloration. This applies especially for some types of plastic materials. In case of doubt the product should be tested on a non-visible area before further use.


  • Easy and quick cleaning without water
  • The polypropylene wipe will absorb and seal a large amount of dirt; reusable and thus economical
  • Heavy-Duty features abrasive properties for enhanced cleaning of excessive dirt
  • The soft wipe contains lubricating substances for gentle skin exposure and prevention of dry skin
  • Readily available; bring 50 pcs in the car or mount with the wall bracket

PN 41533100
Brand Plum
Standard Nordic Swan Ecolabel
CE Category Category 3
Certification EN 12942:1998 TM3
Material Steel
Weight 3.3000
GTIN 5701684533123
Content 1.4 l
Anti-Fog Yes
Lumen 100
Mounting Helmet
Gas & combi filters A1P3
Particle Filters P3
Width 55 mm
Height 34 mm
Thickness 55 my
Spectacle strength 2.50
Protective Clothing Type Type 5-B, Type 4-B, Type 3-B
SNR 30 decibel
Size 2XL
Color Yellow
Volume 100 L
Diameter 8 mm
Length 58 cm
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