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Here you will find signs and markings about warnings and warning signs

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Approved to standards

We sell several types of security signs - including warning signs. These are clear and necessary on many jobs today. Signage of hazards and dangerous objects has become a legal requirement and must be complied with on site. The signs must be approved and comply with applicable rules to describe the correct items. All the signs you see on this page are approved according to current standards.

A warning sign should alert you to possible dangers that trick you in a room or area. The warning sign must shout you with its yellow eye-catching color before you do something wrong. Explosion hazards, explosion hazards, pressure bottles and similar warnings are often needed in many places. Your warning sign must alert people as accurately as possible. The heavy road is the one to be taken afterwards if things have gone wrong due to bad signs with warning signs.

Stay up to date

In many jobs today, general signage is a matter of course. But even in as close a range as safety signs, there are always rules, standards and general product requirements that change. Together with JO Safety, Stennevad has built a solid base for safety and signage in the right way with the right signs. We advise and sell but are never afraid to come up with the honest opinion if you as a customer are heading down a completely improper way. Your warning signs should fit your needs, neither more nor less. We take care of your safety all the way and save your life with certainty.

The stone-proof road to recognition from customers, authorities and management is to have the signage in place. We supply in aluminum, plastic and vinyl. The shape of the warning sign may be triangular or square with text. Different sizes are of course also an option. It will suit your wishes and obvious needs.