Self retracting lifelines

Here you will find many types of Self-Retracting Lifelines, all of which are approved and good quality

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Value life

We value human life. Therefore, we only lead brands in fall protection and self-retracting lifelines, where we know that safety is in absolute top!

Falcon fallblocks and Protecta are just two of the supercool brands, Stennevad can both sell and service on the long run. We believe in durability and knowledge about use and maintenance.

There are many aspects to consider before you start using SRL’s with the EN360 standard. Using fall protection requires training, which you should always consider when working in height.

But what should you use?

The SRL is to help you if you're unlucky to fall to save your life safely. See it as a kind of seatbelt when working. It makes for stops and fall arrestors combined. But how long should the SRL be drawn out and what is appropriate to your needs?

Should you carry it, or should it be stationary?

We've seen it all and we know what's going on in your workplace so your and colleagues' fall protection equipment can provide your daily work safety. In Stennevad we are protective equipment. And the correct advice and service around SRL’s means. 

To use self-retracting lifelines in their work requires basic knowledge and training. Here we get ready with the necessary know-how, so you're guaranteed even before you go on a roof or a similar construction that rises several meters above ground level.

Importance of servicing

The best in SRL’s is that with the right maintenance and regular service, larger devices can last for a very many years. But a good thing is to contact our fall protection experts to get the right help.

We have courses and products.

Remember the most important!

If you and your colleagues intend to use the SRL, you must have an evacuation plan at the place where you have to work.