Carabiners & hooks

Here you will find different types of carabiner connector and scaffolding hooks. And your connector should be the right one.

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Only as strong as the weakest part

Even the smallest part of fall protection is vital. That is why we are selling the highest quality connectors and hooks. Our leading brands counts Petzl with models like MGO and Vertigo. In addition, we can also supply you with DMM carabiners and the Frog device from KONG.

For you to get the optimal security when you work, it's important that you are aware of some basic rules and product features first.

Know the rules

A carabiner or a connector according to EN362 is a hook that is approved to hold a specific load so that it can be used as part of equipment used for fall protection or climbing. 

At the end of any lifeline or fall protection device, there is often a form of hook or a carabiner.

There are basically products of steel or aluminum that can be used differently depending on the working environment and working environment. Shape and size can vary a lot. At the same time, the number of security locks can change. Twistlock triple lock or screw carabiner. The needs are many, but it is price and use as well.

Scaffold hooks

Connectors and scaffolding hooks can be an entire science and almost religion for different professionals.


As active in climbing and rope access, there are clear preferences for equipment, while the industry can have completely different wishes to the locks of the carabiners.

Always remember that the use of fall protection equipment requires training and education, so you know what to keep in mind as regards maintenance, any doubtful working conditions and of course the service of the product. Carabiner requires, like all other fall protection, at least one service inspection every 12 months by a qualified trained by the manufacturer. Here we can often help as we strive to service and certify as many different brands as possible. We may need some things, but then we will lead you to the right service department.