Here you will find face shields for you who work with forestry & construction work

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Faceshields to protect you face at work

For some work, safety glasses are just not enough, to them we have face shields. If you are a forest worker or landlord, this is for you. Here you will also find complete sets of helmets, as well as face and ear protection. There are almost no limits to what hazards and risks we are exposed to at our workplace today. When it comes to the protection of the face, manufacturers like 3M, Hellberg and Honeywell are far advanced with very modern and well-developed solutions for face shields and visors for optimal work safety.

The work of grinding machines, brushes, chainsaws and the like is more sure when we are wearing the right equipment in the shape of something that protects your face 110%. That's why you'll get the most out of face shields, either in polycarbonate / PC or pvc network over to steel mesh, depending on what jobs you're facing.

Ready to go sets with faceshield and hearing protection

We have special sets for your work, whether it's a bush set or a forestry set or something else. No matter what threats your face is facing, we provide you with a durable and comfortable model for your job. Your concentration and attention remain uninterrupted when you do not think of fragments that may or may not affect your face and your eyes all the time. You may want to have some special requests. Of course, we can also help you to stay well-equipped and securely secured every day.

Your need is the most important. We can help with netvisir, screen, visor, pandeskjold. You just have to say to. We are experts in finding you the right way with the right advice on face protection and head protection. With many years of experience in terms of occupational safety and legislation in the field, we can say with certainty that we are the right partner for you. We save your life with certainty and Stennevad does it together with style and good service and good products.

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