Safety helmets

Here you will find approved safety helmets and accessories such as visors and other accessories to keep you safe and give your helmet even more valuable.

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When do you need safety helmets?

Safety helmets must be used if the work can not be performed otherwise. Safety helmets should always be used for work or when staying in places where there is a risk of damage to the head. The reason for the rules for the working environment and related supervision exists to ensure you and your colleagues' lives and conduct. We must, can and will not help circumvent existing legislation in the field of occupational health and safety. There may be some of your employees who think it is a joke to go with a safety helmet at work, but the rules exist for a reason, and safety helmets save every year the lives and prosperity of many workers.

If you stand with some of your colleagues there seems your safety helper is uncomfortable to join, then take their criticisms and look at the reasons why.

With the right safety helmet you keep your head safe and cold, there are many types of safety helmets because not every type of work is the same and every task requires the most suitable protective equipment. We are ready to help you and all your people all the way to ending with a safe solution that is optimal both when the speech falls on the working environment, comfort and bottom line.

Do you wear safety glasses and hearing protection?

If you need safety glasses and hearing protection in addition to your safety helmet, it is both a lighter and more comfortable solution to find a complete solution that works together. Many safety helmets are manufactured with wear-resistant earphone protection, it is a standard size which allows you to use the ear protection you need. What you need to be aware of is that if your safety helmet is to be combined with ear protection or eye protection, as is often the case, the helmet must be designed for this additional equipment.

It is both fire-friendly but also complete insecure, even modifying the safety helmet, do not drill or save holes in it, nor do the nameplates and stickers not approved for the purpose of the manufacturer. Most helmets have a solution or a possible purchase that allows this.

Dear helmet has many colors

If you take a look at some of our popular help like Kask Plasma AQ or some of the 3M Peltor safety helmets, they are available in a variety of colors - as well as with and without hiviz. It is not only fashion and to look smart, in many larger companies and also in relation to all this with certainty on the construction site, the colors have the purpose. In a larger building and on a construction site, the colors can signal everything from work function, company/supplier or just life to the helmets.