Here you will find soaps that are drunk in work but gentle to the skin

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Importance of good soap

It is important that soap you use many times every day is effective against bacteria and dirt, but it is also gentle to the skin so that it does not harm. We only carry soaps that meet both, with our soaps from Danish Plum, you are protected soaps and shampoos that are gentle to the skin and super weary - it is not without reason that they have been widely used in the industry.

With the knowledge we currently have about hand hygiene and the use of hand soaps and shampoo products, quality and ingredients are an important part of the products. Therefore, Plum from Denmark. With, for example, Daily, Fresh and Nature, you have a direct access to swan-labeled Danish products within soaps for daily wash and body wash shampoos.

Also, the well-known Plum No. 14 is your safety for always healthy and moisture-tight hands despite the frequent washing of your hands every single day.

Reliable soap

You must be able to rely on the soap you use every single day, because your hands are your most important tool in everyday life with many demanding tasks. We have cream soaps, foam soaps with and without perfume and shampoo and soap for the shower as well.

Knowledge & service

In Stennevad we strive to equip our customers with knowledge and service about hygiene products such as soaps. But it also requires dialogue to find the right solution, which saves time and sick days for employees and businesses. 

The typical soap should be able to clean and disinfect quickly and gently. MEd a Swan-labeled Plum product, you are assured of a product that has all the right qualities and qualities while also meeting the sharp Danish environmental requirements in a highly regulated area that is concerned with human well-being.

Get your soap products from us. Customer service is ready to expedite and deliver quick hand hygiene and hand soap for you and your colleagues, so you can focus on what's important. Namely all your tasks that require your undivided attention all the time.