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Hearing protection with bluetooth for good communication at work

Combine security with functionality and good mood. An earphone with Bluetooth gives you the necessary protection against noise, but also the ability to communicate with your colleagues, talk to the phone or listen to the radio.

Stennevad and 3M find a solution to suit your and colleagues' daily challenges with communication. Bluetooth hearing protection for communication and radio is today's modern protection. Never miss anything when you're in work environments with huge amount of noise.

Communication hearing protection from popular brands


With a set like the LiteCom models from 3M Peltor, you set aside a trump on your communication with the outside world. Connect walkie talkie or your smartphone. The boundaries will be the time for what is generally possible within daily necessities and inevitable communication at the workplace. Along with increasing work safety for all employees working in alarm.

Today, there's nothing easier than connecting your phone to Bluetooth in your car. The hearing aid with radio and bluetooth is the exact same procedure. Plug and play ... Apropros Plug ... Peltor Earplug LEP is Bluetooth earplugs with communication function. Never have protection and conversation been as compact and effective as today.

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For example, utilities and crane companies can be challenged on their professional skills, if the communication possibilities are restricted by distant distances or excessive noise. 3M Peltor has for many years abrogated purposefully to solve these employment challenges for all professionals who may need communica- tion hearing protection. Stennevad helps you with a sensible and profitable solution that can secure you on the long run without destroying anything economically. We have different models, each of which can lift a task to the right level, if only advised and guided correctly.