Guardio is behind the world's first safety helmet with MIPS safety system and twICEme technology.

MIPS stands for (Multi-Directional Impact Protection), which is a Swedish protection system developed for helmets. MIPS is important to note in terms of helmet safety, as the technology takes into account how a head might hit the ground or similar surfaces in a crash.

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    The world's first industrial helmet with MIPS and twICEme

    Are you and your colleagues ready to take the next step on the road to optimal safety and protection in the workplace? In Stennevad we say: YES!!

    The Guardio Armet helmet is a new way of thinking about head protection. New technologies and combinations merge into better protection of the user as well as better easier and better registration and tracking of the safety helmet.

    For a long number of years, protective equipment has been analogue products, but since the focus on fall protection and helmets has been sharpened, the requirements for the products have also continuously tightened. Now Armet has come on the market. A well-ventilated and comfortable safety helmet (EN397) with a focus on comfort and safety.

    The world's first industrial helmet with MIPS and twICEme, offering unique technical solutions and unrivaled comfort. MIPS is a protection system developed to reduce the risk of brain damage from certain angled impacts. With twICEme, the user can store his vital information directly in the helmet and make it available for reading with a smartphone. Chin strap optimized for hearing protection and is approved for use with different brands of hearing protection.

    Guardio stands for quality and reliability. The two most important factors when working wearing personal safety equipment.

    In Stennevad, we only carry the very best and most recognized brands within head protection. And Armet is just that when you need to be equipped correctly, modernly and above all safely every day.

    Keep track of your helmet! This model helps you with that. Electronic registration and documentation is embedded in the helmet, so you always have control over durability, product integrity and age.

    With Armet, you overtake the existing market for safety helmets. You will not regret your choice of a Guardio Armet helmet, regardless of model.

    The best way to move forward with your security project is to contact us in Stennevad. We have trained staff who can advise you on the very best solution when you need to use Guardio products.