There is a right of claim under applicable law. Any complaints must be made in good time, as in practice, immediately after you have discovered the error. Private has 2 years of warranty.

Do you have a complaint, then write to [email protected] state the item number and order number it is about or use the form below.

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For quick case management, this document must be completed and a receipt printed as well as sent when a product is submitted to the complaints department. We abide by the provisions of the Purchase Act regarding the right of complaint.

Before submitting the complaint to our complaints department, the product MUST be cleaned, for the safety of our employees. Failure to clean a product results in the product being returned at the customer's expense without being inspected.

When things do not want to work

We know that nothing is more annoying than when you have bought something and it does not work out or stop working. Therefore, in Stennevad, you will find an easy complaint flow that helps ensure that you are quickly on the job. If you have one tailored safety agreement you can quickly get hold of your personal counselor who knows best about you and your work and so quickly can help to fix most things.

Quickly onwards

Our entire flow of complaints is organized to make it easy and fast for you. We appreciate our cooperation with you and the value of your work, so you can always be sure of quick clarification. We also have a long and successful collaboration with our industry-leading suppliers, ensuring a fast billing process. And the best solution for you and your colleagues - even when things do not go as planned. It's important for us to get you quickly and for all - for sure.

What is good/bad?

The products you use daily are the result of many years of cooperation with our partners. With people like you, your opinion is therefore very valuable to us and our product development and service. We would therefore like to hear your opinion, see more on the page feedback - we draw lots for a few bottles of good wine each month from all submitted feedback via the page. Everything is valuable, big and small.