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Paint accessories

When painting, it is not only rolls and brushes to be started, it is also cover and tape. You will find accessories for the painting work here. For example, Tesa burns the paint tape, which is a must to properly cover and protect surfaces from splash and splash from roll and brush. We have it in the width you need to use paint tape. If you should be so unfortunate that paint tape does not help well whatever the width, we also help with a plastic spatula or metal spatula because it is a tool that is highly effective for removing paint residues on windows and door frames. similar places.

Always ready to advice

We are of course also ready to advise on safety equipment and the right paint mask if you need respirator when painting. A paint mask is often a single-use filter mask. We will of course help you with the right paint mask.

A painter will also have to control the hobby knife when she works. A proper knife with knife blade leaves can also be found in Stennevad under our accessories for paint mills. Knife blade is a consumable item that has a purpose. They must be sharp and there must always be a new quick replacement of knife blade in the knife.

The blade is ideal for cleaning and scraping of dirt and dirt. But even if you have tasks with carving and packaging handling, the hobby knife is your best friend in a busy weekday, where you can quickly move on to the next task.

Your help for better gear and accessories for your painting equipment is to swing past or our SafeHouse. Service and advice are top, and you are assured of a collaborator who knows what is required of a painter's accessories like paint tape, spatula, paint mask and knife blade. No one over Stennevad because our approach to you as a customer is professional and honest, so your experience will be the best when you shop for painting equipment and accessories.