by Stennevad

Our quality stamp in PPE is the city of Stennevad, which testifies to highly well-documented quality for our customers, who never compromise personal occupational safety.

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by Stennevad

by Stennevad is a recent initiative from us to our customers. We will make it even easier to choose quality. Look for our gloves on the market. With strong names like Superflex, Ruffman, Dexter and Bracer, we try to effortlessly focus on working gloves for your and colleagues' needs.

But also, within other categories of personal security you will also learn to know Stennevad.

Emerson safety glasses and Exhaler dust masks are just two of many new and solid products that can help you navigate the PPE equipment for a busy day.

by Stennevad is quality and price combined in a brand that is only available from us. Our quality control and production are manageable and almost personal, making the process more relevant and serious in terms of approvals and quality.

We oversee the production and packaging of products in facilities in the Far East, which emphasize orderly conditions and CSR.

It is important for us that city Stennevad does not "only" appear as good quality product-related - but it also appears reliable and well-organized throughout the production.

To emphasize this transformation and conversion to something even better, our gloves also change the logo and names. In addition, all sales units are supplied with barcodes for easy registration. All documentation such as declaration of conformity, data sheets and instructions for use can be found under each city of Stennevad product on the website.

It is part of our values that cooperation with our customers and suppliers must consist of honesty and loyalty. We have now done this with our own city Stennevad products. They must symbolize our top line in the face of personal safety equipment that uses unimaginable amounts every day around professional Denmark.