Here you will find chemical gloves in many variants and sizes, because each chemical has its own properties and needs for personal protective equipment.

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Safety gloves with protection against chemicals

If you work with chemistry then you know that chemicals are not safe to touch with bare hands. It is important to be properly protected against the chemicals you are exposed to during your workday, as well as thinking about the entire workflow. Keep in mind that chemical gloves are disposable gloves and should not be reused, they must be used after use - at least when their useful life for the chemical is reached. You will find information and a varied selection of chemical gloves at Stennevad. If you do not find the chemistry gloves you need, get hold of our customer service, they will happily help you on your way.

I am not a chemist

Even if you are not bitten by a crazy chemist and are in a lab for a long day and are doing exciting experiments and new discoveries, chemically resistant gloves are also called chemical gloves or chemical gloves that are highly skilled in many industries. As soon as you have oils to do, there is a great chance that you will get a pair of chemical gloves, you are chauffed and drive with chemistry and or gasoline as well as diesel, you will need chemical gloves. Remember, for example, when you need both general protection of hands and fingers in the form of cutting and cutting protection as well as protection against chemistry, you must use the chemical gloves inside - they must also be protected against fractures. It is important that you do not use them conversely when they are normal safety gloves offer no protection against chemistry.

Breakthrough time

When working with chemicals it is very important that your work gloves fit. Also pay particular attention to degeneration of the gloves - what is called breakthrough time. You can always see the breakthrough time for your glove under product documentation inside the product. Mixing products do not always make it easy to calculate the time why you are welcome to contact us. It is important that you are aware that chemistry gloves can only be used once and only as long as they are made to stick to the individual chemical. It is very important that you only use your chemistry gloves within their operating hours according to the chemicals you are in contact with, the time starts as soon as the glove comes into contact with the fabric and does not stop even if you remove them. It is very important that you do not exceed the time limit, so NEVER wait to change your pair of gloves until you feel your hands get wet. We only deal with single-use chemical gloves, it is both the safest and the cheapest personal protective device for your hands and fingers.