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If you have any questions you could not find answers in our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) or just want to talk to one of our kind customer service people you are always welcome to call or write an email. If there are any errors or omissions on a product you have purchased, you can write an email with which item it is about and the order number. Then you are sure to reply as soon as possible - typically within 1-2 business days.

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Stennevad is a Danish family owned company selling personal safety equipment and fall protection. When it comes to occupational safety, we are in no doubt when we say that we protect you at work. It is our mission to be your trusted partner on all aspects of personal safety and fall protection.

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It is all about you

Customer service is about you at Stennevad. It's about cooperation between you, it's about finding the right solution for you, your colleagues and employees. You are always sure that you have the optimal solution for you and your work. We believe that the core of a good and long-term cooperation is good customer service, you will already feel that from the first day at Stennevad. We do not think about salesman- customer relationships, but in tailor-made, long-term solutions for personal security where you and your needs are in absolute focus. We exist to protect you at work.

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment alone will not save lives, the helmet does not work if it is too old. It also does not work if you use it incorrectly, so knowledge about protective equipment and their use are vital when we speak personal safety. Being able to give you the right security solution requires knowledge of personal safety, we have plenty of in Stennevad with our 57 years of experience. Therefore, you are always in safe hands when you call Stennevad your safety partner.

Fall protection

Fall protection and fall prevention are areas that require great care and knowledge, unfortunately, there are still too many occupational accidents in Denmark with falls and personal injury. Correct purchase and use of personal safety for fall protection such as braces, liner, blocks, hooks, etc. are all something that requires knowledge. We have that knowledge in Stennevad, for years we have been close cooperation in the field of personal protective equipment and fall protection, with many of the big names. Both within contractors, wind and offshore industry and everything in between.