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Here you will find welding shields and welding goggles, which are in front of development

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The lightest welding shield in Denmark

You may know Stennevad to have the market's lightest welding screen with compressed air. Euromaski NS is unsurpassed in functionality, reliability and price. But even when it comes to more automatic monitors, we're in the front. With brands like Speedglas, Optrel and Sundström, we can live up to your expectations of prompt delivery and solid advice regarding the need for spare parts and accessories for the welding equipment. We know how to protect a welder today.

Welding is an art form. Acquired as a professional welder requires precision, knowledge and perseverance. The same goes for when your equipment is going to be okay. Today, there is a strong demand for professionals who do welding daily.

They must consider the welding method, the venting conditions and the material to be welded. Nothing must be left to chance. Therefore, it is also extremely important that you have the right thing to protect yourself while you are welding.

Different topics require different equipment. Is it a simple welding screen or is it necessary to build respiratory protective devices in the form of turbo engines with filters or compressed air equipment.

For many years, we have been working with occupational safety and personal protective equipment for industry and welding equipment and eye protection are no exception. Most people know that you must protect your eyes when you are welding. But often the protection also deals with far more things. The breath is complex and is a source of many bad things if you do not make sure you get the right amount of clean air in every single breath.

We have the knowledge to back you up

We know what's up for you. And our knowledge is always better and more comprehensive as we are experts in what we do. If you stand with a welding that worries you, get in touch and we'll help find a safe way to solve that challenge.

Call and get ready to talk so you hit the spot with your welding task.