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Keep a warm head

It is important to keep your head warm in winter, here you will find the purpose for the purpose. The same applies to the feet that can neither freeze nor sweat, so you can find our special socks to ensure that your toes and feet have the best working conditions.

Among other things, our NS thermostats, for cheap money can ensure good and economical comfort for your feet. There is no doubt when you are doing well at work. Your feet should be dry and warm. How do they keep it through a whole working day? Work socks will soak footprints. And we sweat on average over 1 deciliter per foot per day. The best we can do to optimize comfort. Of course, we must have one or two pairs of shift socks at work every day. Never go down to dry work socks. In Stennevad we carry the model that is good and cheap, so you can use many thermostats of this kind.

Once the feet are secured, the ride comes to the head where most of our body heat is excreted. Here you should have a look at our selection from Buff. With a buff throat, a so-called neck collar, you can quickly cover the face and head of up to several ways. Here it is a versatile neckline men's ladies solution, where flexibility allows users to choose additional equipment such as safety helmets or face shield. As a starting point, a throat adult also fits children, so it's just getting started to see all the options that are with Buff on the sidelines. Fleece necklaces wool, woolen flax.

Our staff at your disposal

In Stennevad, our consultants also have one or more things about necklaces and the purchase of necklaces. Your Buff Necklace offers start with them or customer service at Safe House, where you can enter directly from the street and choose the Buff that fits exactly the challenges you face during a business day. Our experience with personal safety equipment extends over 55 years. We know what we are doing when we say that we are saving your live with certainty.