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All kinds of filters

We market all kinds of filters for respiratory protection, requiring special knowledge to know just the right combination for your task. You will find guides and knowledge about the choice of filters for respiratory protection on this page, but if in doubt, always contact our customer service.

We have specialized in Stennevad for many years to provide you with the best advice together with the best products within personal safety and protective equipment at all. We mean it when we say we save your life with certainty.

It may be confusing to search for the right filters for the workplace, if you do not have a certain understanding of this group of protective equipment before the start of the work assignment, then it may be terribly wrong. 

Improper protection can be dangerous and cause personal injury both acute and slow.

We guide you to the smartest choice

Stennevad helps to determine what needs you have for filtering. Are you going to work with a particle filter or combination filter? We know it. Basically, we take on a complete solution for the cleanest time, because it's no use if you just put filters and masks together without prior surveys.

Things must always be approved for use together. Many times, it means confusion whose filters can fit several different mask marks. Although the parts fit with, for example, bayonet fitting or a standard DIN40 screw thread, they still need to be approved as a single unit.

Sundström and Honeywell have the problem. Therefore, use the same brands of filters as turbochargers and filter masks.

However, the filtering respirator will be short if there is too little oxygen in the air to be cleaned. 3M filters, Versaflo filters. Then use fresh air-breathing respirators in the form of compressed air solutions. You do not need to despair here either. Our experts build self-contained systems when filters such as P3, ABEKP3, A2P3 and AX get oxygen shortages.

Join us with a safety data sheet and we will find your personal safety equipment.