Social media

It is all about you

You know it as well as us: Social media has come to stay. They are some of the first things we use in the morning, and some of the last we see before we close our eyes in the evening. It is now also great to be able to access so much information as easily. Our presence on the social media is for your sake. It's to make it easier for you to get new information about job security, see what's happening and receive great deals.

We are there for you

Where you are

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives and our lives. Therefore, we also believe that it is only natural that we - your supplier of personal safety and work equipment - are with you wherever you are. Therefore you will find us on Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. These are our primary channels, where you will quickly find news from us and get in touch with us.


You have Facebook, your colleagues have Facebook, everyone has Facebook. Therefore, it is only natural that Facebook is one of our primary channels when we speak social media. Here you can read and see news about everything in the field of occupational safety, pictures from fairs and events. You will also be able to find videos that show the use of equipment and informative videos that help make the choice with regard to personal safety. We will make a couple of posts a week on the page. You will find our Facebook page here.


When you think of video online, you probably think of us on Youtube. The place to find everything from funny cat videos, to serious guides and content. It is also the place where you can find all our videos, ranging from general work safety, to videos about the correct choice of personal security equipment. Here will be a new video every week, about various topics of occupational safety. You will find our Youtube channel here.


You can also find us on LinkedIn, which, like Facebook, is more or less a must. We will post a few posts on our LinkedIn profile every month. Here you will find guides and new knowledge in areas such as the correct selection of harness for fall protection, how to choose the right glove, what fines you should use for your respirator, etc. You will find our LinkedIn page here.