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Personal protective equipment

In order for you to come safely through your working day, it is important that you have proper personal protective equipment. It is not just to avoid fines from the Labor Inspectorate, but for your own, your colleagues, and your employees' fault. You will find a wide range of personal safety at Stennevad such as work gloves, safety shoes, safety helmets, respirators and much more.

From reputable brands such as by Stennevad, Ansell, 3M, Honeywell, Sundström and many more. You will also find knowledge and guides here on the website under Guides & Knowledge here you will also find information about our teaching and training.

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Work equipment

Not only is personal protective eqiupment required in a workplace but also work equipment. Therefore, under work equipment, you will find things like first aid, offshore, signs & markings and lights. The offshore industry is a big deal in our hometown of Esbjerg, therefore you will find a large selection that matches the requirements and needs of the offshore industry.

Also the wind industry is in the offshore category secured the best equipment, so safety is top notch. Light from top quality brands such as Led Lenser and Peli brings light across the workplace, whether it's water, land or underground.

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Work environment products

When the hands or the floor are to be washed, the walls have to be painted or snow has to be shovelled, you will find the equipment under the work environment products. Under skin care & hygiene you will find our wide range of Plum products, including soaps, creams and dispensers of all types and sizes.

During painting gear you will find rolls and another for when the walls etc. To be painted. Under cleaning you will find all kinds of brushes, scrubbers and other cleaning equipment.

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