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Protect your feet with the best safety shoes

Focusing on footwear with safety features, we see Stennevad things crystal clear when it comes to equipment like safety shoes. We work with well-known suppliers in the field of footwear and work safety. SIKA, which has a wide range of brands such as Elten and Brynje safety shoes, known to professionals like brands made to hold.

Nevertheless, we also make demands for you as a user because it's not much what you choose to put your feet in. We help you with a solution with everything from cheap safety shoes to the more expensive brands.

If so, it's non-slip shoes or lightweight safety shoes. We have a model that suits you and your work.

As a rule, you will always have to ask yourself a few questions before sneaking in a pair of your favorite shoes. In which surroundings should they be used and for what purposes? How are the requirements for shoe approvals? Here is a help if you ask us in Stennevad. We have many years of experience with people's personal occupational safety. This means that our knowledge will be the best if it is shared with you as the customer.

Get advice and guide for selecting the right safety shoes

We are always honest about our advice in choosing safety footwear. It may end up with a different answer than you have expected. But all else right, you end up with a shoe that is optimized for use in the surroundings and tasks you are in the middle of every single day.

It is not useful to wear lightweight shoes without oil approved test if you are in oil every single day. The shoe will suit you and the task, otherwise you will not get the optimal work protection and the shoe may not last very long.

Therefore, you are always more than welcome to ask us so you get a clean message about functionality and comfort. We can also customize with accessories like insoles, felt soles and leather grease as well as laces, if necessary for optimal maintenance of your safety shoes.

Just call and ask if you're in doubt.