Here you will find accessories for safety shoes, ranging from shoe covers to pig shoes

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Accessories for your footwear

We carry accessories for safety footwear. Indispensable things such as spikes to the footwear in the winter to the ice. Cover for easy access to customers' homes without removing the safety footwear, remember that they do not help when standing in the hall.

We help the right solution to your challenge. Often things must go well and then there is not even time to wear dirty shoes in the kindergarten or school when the children are to be handed over.

We have shoe covers for regular shoes and can make it even easier with automatic school machines. Then they are excuses for wading around inside with dirt on shoes and safety shoes.

In winter, you may also be so unfortunate to move on ice and slippery surfaces. Our pig soles and pig shoes are just about to pull over the footwear, so you get even better.

Of course, we also provide the correct treatment for your safety shoes. Leather grease is one of the best ways to impregnate if there is no need for a deciduous spray with impregnating agent. And extra laces in different lengths, so your starting point is always the best.

You feet should be okay all day

We also do much to tell you how a workday should progress about your feet. Working in cold weather should be a change of shift socks, so you can keep your feet dry.

We supply the best socks and socks for your needs. The crucial is the work and quality of, for example, ski socks, wool socks or socks of plastic.

Just think how much your feet sweat every day. Therefore, it is also utopia to believe that your safety shoes and safety boots can deliver all the sweat that is formed. Change your stockings throughout the day, so you optimize on your feet comfort.

Take Stennevad advice if you have any doubts about your options. Because there may be a difference in the way your feet react, depending on what you expose them to. Therefore, you are best placed with us.

You just call.