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We carry safety vests in both Classes 2 & 3

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Class 2 or 3?

When working at or on the road, a safety vest is a necessity, some of which you can get here in the highest quality at reasonable prices. If you are in doubt about class 2 or class 3, the requirement for your workplace and assignment please contact our customer service.

The use and need for especially a yellow safety vest is steadily rising in Denmark, because the demands for visibility at the workplace also only rise and rise. We see in Stennevad a trend that is about growing demands from our customers when it comes to quality and advisory services in Hiviz materials such as safety vests and traffic vests, which must fully comply with current legislation.

When it comes to visibility, it's EN20471, which today is the guideline of the EU and thus Denmark. We can bring you and colleagues fully into what the standard means in practice, so you get the optimal setup for your needs and tasks.

European law

A traffic congestion is, as a rule, a good thing to have in your car if you suddenly have to move around in an emergency situation on a paved road. In many of our neighboring countries, the roadway is actually a legal requirement as a compulsory device for the car.

We help business and private to access the most visible vests on the market. Good fluorescent colors like yellow hiviz and orange hiviz with and without sleeves depending on the class of the safety vest. And the same as the reflexes must be top class to be of the best quality in reality, so your visibility in traffic is optimal.

Our approach to your visibility is simple. It's about your life and your fitness. You should be able to come home to the family every day without exception. We save your live with certainty and in this case, it means we help you to draw your attention to road users, engineers and similar workers to be able to see you clearly in all weather conditions and working conditions where a safety vest can do the difference.