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Buy safety boots for use on the cold days

Protect your feet while keeping them warm. In winter, regular safety shoes can be cold, so we carry a good selection of boots and boots. They are so good that our employees even use them. At many jobs, focus is on occupational safety. This means protecting the employee as best as possible so that he / she is personally protected against accidents while allowing him / herself to work properly.

In recent years, the focus has become more and more sharp on, for example, footwear and how this ensures and supports everyday life. If companies can avoid injury and sick days by protecting their feet with safety boots or safety boots, then the company will most likely choose that solution.

Improve safety with a pair of good work boots

We know most needs and by listening to you, then we quickly find a solution that suits you and your colleagues so it's safety boots with winter lining or welding boots. For many years we have worked with well-known suppliers and manufacturers of safety footwear. That's why we also stand for brands like Lavoro Icelandic and Brynje.

You must take your feet properly when you are at work. If they must be in the same footwear 8-10 a day, you should also be sure that the footwear is the right and the most comfortable. We are to ask you the right and relevant questions when choosing the safety boot for your work. We are honest and say it if we think you're heading out of the wrong path about boots.

Contact Stennevad and get the proper guidance

The best solution for you is not always associated with the right fire. There are several factors to deal with when choosing your boot.

Therefore, you should rather call if you are in doubt and face a new task.