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Quality is the difference

A good broom makes a difference when sweeping. Here you will find many different. Both the classic street broom with different number of rows, and special Vikan broom for special purposes. Keeping a workshop or production clean always requires a variety of different indoor or outdoor brooms. As an old paint store, we still have a share in helping you and your colleagues carry out efficient cleaning of your areas inside as well as outside. Whether you need a stiff broom, a wide broom, a soft broom, a lime broom or a quite standard workshop broom, we meet your wishes to get a good and durable quality at the right price every time you shop indoors.

Of course, it's always worth considering what it's like to sweep along with your hard or soft broom.

We can help you to relate to a number of simple questions, so you are sure that you get the right broom for the right task.

Your needs

A few good advices from Stennevad to you and your colleagues can also be something that depends on your personal occupational safety. Make sure that you have a good ventilation or access to filter masks if you need to use a kind of sweeper indoors. Whenever we break a surface, a lot of dust and particles are always whirled up from the surface. That's why it's always good to think of your airways before you can start sweeping. It can be more irritating for respiration or definitely dangerous if we speak extraordinary things.

Customer service

Our customer service can guide you in the right direction as to whether it should be a regular broom or a soft broom. It may be that you are surprised by the differences in the cost of the feast. We have allied us with Vikan, a Danish supplier of quality cleaning products, such as the cost, the workshop and the street broom.

Over a number of years, they have equipped the Danes with a broom that can cover every conceivable need to sweep something under the carpet.