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Anchor points

Here you can see our range of products for anchoring, from simple eye bolts to mobile anchor points.

With suppliers like Honeywell, Petzl and Fallsafe in the back, we constantly push the limits of what is possible at all when we need to move in the field within anchoring in case of fall protection. You create your approved anchor point in several ways. This is where Stennevad enters the image as your collaborator. Steel loops and ribbon loops can be your flexible opportunity to secure and anchor you perfectly. More permanent solutions like an eye-bolted M10 or other similarly sized steel eyes.

We can also help you with an entire docking kit for quick and proper creation of one or more anchor points for personal protection.

What should you be aware of?

What should you be aware of when you need to make your anchor point?

What are the requirements, strictly legal, to the force? It is simple. Your anchor points and of course the construction on which the anchor point is located must be able to withstand a load of 1200kg according to EN795: 2012.

Now find the right place for your eye bolt or belt loop. It does not matter if you attach to a shredding board or a plasterboard. Think about your work situation from A to Z.

It's not too funny when we focus on the right approvals for the right work and the right anchoring.

If there is no control over the document anion and the anchor points, you may be on deep water in case of accidents and errors. At worst, it can diet life and fitness. You and us for everything in the world want to avoid, so you can always come home to the family when it's the end of your shift.

Your anchor point at work may well be the anchor point of life itself. So, think your work assignment properly with our consultants who have the experience of helping with anchoring and anchor point along with training and teaching, which is actually a requirement of the authorities.