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Protect your hands with hygiene and skin care products in the top class, as well as cleaning and painting gear

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Hygiene and skin care are work safety

When considering occupational safety, work environment products such as soaps, creams, etc. are probably not the first thing you think. But there is a good reason why we have workplace products as a main category, it is equally important. Illness costs every year the Danish society and the labor many billions of kroner. And companies like yours, really many days of absence. Many that can be avoided by good hygiene and skin care. In Stennevad you will find a large selection of products from, among other things, Danish Plum, it is your guarantee skincare & hygieneto the highest standard. Get in touch with your personal counselor at Stennevad and get an honest vision and a good talk about how dispensers and other solutions can help your hygiene and skin care get to the top. So you will also avoid all the sick days.

Easy cleaning with good work environment products

Cleaning is for most something just to be overcome. But it is with cleaning, as with many other things: Quality products make the work much easier. Your partner on workplace products Stennevad has just that. With us in Stennevad and Danish Vikan you are sure to have a sweetener, floor scrub or just a washing brush that only holds. You will also find traditional street brushes and sweepstakes. So that you can also ensure that your business here is a clean facade, it's good style and gives impressed customers.

Quality paint supplies makes a big difference

If you have tried painting with cheap brushes, rolls and paints, then you know how little it is worth when the result should be professional. Therefore you only find paint supplies of highest caliber here in Stennevad, you will easily find paint roller, paint tape, paint brush and anything else you need. We only carry paintings from reputable manufacturers such as Anza, you only find quality paint supplies here in Stennevad.