Here you will find spare parts for respiratory protection

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Do not cheap out on original spareparts

We carry many kinds of accessories and spare parts for respiratory protection. It is very important that one's safety equipment is always in tip top condition, we can help you with our many years of experience. Our access to fast spare parts is enhanced by close cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers. Today, time is an important factor when an order is taken. In Stennevad we know what fast delivery of spare parts for respiratory protection means. That's why we are inventory of all necessary product groups and brands, so all industries and industries are covered with their unique needs.

We have batteries for Compact Air, Pureflo, Adflo and many other turbochargers, such as SR 500 from Sundstrøm.

You can also get deck pads for air screens and full masks, so you have always protected the device itself, which prolongs service life and durability. Prefilter holder, inhalation valve, respiratory valve, respiratory valve, hose studs, hose pipes. Filtered or compressed air. We have spare parts like hoses with quick couplings, bayonet fittings or a simple screw thread according to the DIN40 standard.

Seat belts, headbands, belts, for engine systems that require updated parts. In Stennevad, we know the importance of functional equipment that is neither a burden of security nor economic.

Therefore, we always have a cost benefit when we work with you. It should be possible for you to use your PPE. Otherwise, it's just as much. We help you to see the pros and cons of buying spare parts versus buying new ones.

Good advice every time

Our advice is always honest and in the present time, the cost always costs the most. Therefore, your solution may well look more expensive than it is. We focus on the long-term cooperation, which gives you the best return. Our customer service and impact consultants are easy to handle if you are in trouble. Together, finding the best way for effective working hours and personal protection.

We save your life with certainty.