A helmet is not always enough protection, you'll find things like visor and ear protectors for helmets.

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A helmet is not always enough protection

Head protection is not always enough when working for example as a logger or landscaper. Your motor tool is often relatively close to your face, which exposes you to danger. Faren er affald og fragmenter, der for eksempel slynges mod dit ansigt med høj fart. When using weed wacker, chainsaw or the like, it is even more important to use special face protection in the form of a visor in combination with a helmet and ear protector.

Our attitude towards how safety helmet with visor should be and facial protection can be a big step towards optimal protection. To uphold safety requirements in certain businesses. Our stand is clear. Use the right accessories for your main protection, such as helmet lights, helmet visors, mesh visor, helmet-mounted hearing protection. 

Vores mærker er KASK, Peltor, Hellberg, JSP og mange andre. Without any equals we want to be your collaborator in the field of personal safety equipment.

Safety helmets today

Today, the fewest things are just for protection of parts of the body. The safety equipment and requirements go hand in hand. No helmet without hearing protection and visor. Therefore, the manufacturers have also taken the consequences and customized products and equipment to the market, so things often fit together as standard with the proper approvals.

Call Stennevad, for we know exactly what is in line with legislation's often very confusing framework. Whether it's a cap or helmet or a third solution, we can get things done legally with the right advice on challenges and dangers on your colleagues' workplace.

Adapters for accessories are of course available from suppliers and brands, which have some products that require customization to be compatible with other popular brands in a fire-fired market. Find the accessory with us because we know what's up and how to use it all the way through your business day.