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Proper gear for the job

Every painter knows that it's important to have proper paint to deliver a good job, as well as equipment like rolls & brushes. Therefore, you will find high quality paintings here. Stennevad is old yard when it comes to painted iron. That's how it all started back in the 60's. Even though we do not sell rust paint anymore, we have chosen to continue the sale of paint mills to industry and professional painters who go into their painting equipment.

High end paint supplies

With Anza and Spectrum products, we are not afraid to say that we have equipment and painted products that can make most users happy. Roll and brush are no match if you are ally with us. Our approach to modlers, radiator brushes and rollers is the same as for the rest of our range of personal safety equipment. Quality and durability come first, or we cannot stand up for anything, so service and knowledge become worthless. We only create value for you and your workplace when we supply paint brushes from the top shelf.

Our advice and service are to be considered because we have the expertise and consultants who can inform about all our product groups based on personal knowledge and know-how. In terms of paint iron, it is also no exception.

Experience in sales and procurement has helped push us into safe harbor with Anza and Spekter, which is the epitome of quality gear in the Danish market for paint mills. We always reserve the right to ask you and colleagues some clarifying questions when you come to us for advice and product knowledge. This usually results in a mutual understanding of the choice of products so that they fit 100% to the painting task to be performed.

You only call Customer Service in Stennevad. Then we know how to be serviced most importantly. If it means web sales, store sales or kind to one of our highly qualified consultants, it will show time.