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Get your acessories for safety glasses here

Smart glasses and welding glasses safety glasses with strength. None of the parts can ever stand alone without the right accessories. With the right tools, the main product can be both better but also last for longer. This means less costs and more pleasure in use. Both things weigh high when you need a product that will complement a total solution within eye protection and goggles in all strengths and shapes and materials.

Our range always fits the selection of professionals who do not compromise on safety when they are at work. Accessories and attachment as well as proper storage of safety goggles and face shields indicate the responsible worker with the head and eyes the right place. The vision is one of the most important features that we can easily take for granted in everyday life.

Stennevad & other strong brands give your eyes what they need

Together with 3M, Sundström, Speedglas, by Stennevad and Optrel, we form a strong shield about our customers with information, quality and service. Nothing can be measured with the right dialogue when it comes to protecting yourself every day. We see it over and over again. If you jump over where there is the lowest, it may not work well next time. That's the chance many take. We make sure that next time you do not need to be feared because the equipment is wrong, old or broken.

We have seen it all

We have seen everything in the industry - and the use of eyewear and accessories for this is no exception. There is only one road and that is the right one with Stennevad. We'll save your live for sure.

In customer service or at one of our consultants, you can hear more about accessories for safety glasses, safety screens, visors and welding glasses. If we do not have an acceptable answer, we will find it for you.

Security is knowledge and responsibility about what dangers we should face together.

Call us and we will give you the equipment in a reasonable and long lasting shape.