What is better than an earphone? One with radio of course!

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Enjoy music with your hearing protection

Make your safety as comfortable as possible for yourself and your colleagues. An earphone with radio is a safe hit. Stennevad is constantly sitting at the big security table when new products are needed for hearing protection. The never-ending search for optimal protection against noise never stops. And demand and preferences are many and different.

Earphone with music, earphone with DAB radio or other radio earphone. The committee may at times be beyond doubt, so how do you choose the right equipment for your noise challenge?

The answer is simple. We in Stennevad help you and colleagues in the goals of counseling and equipping. It is true that our cooperation partners Howard Leight and especially 3M Peltor deliver some solid solutions in the field of Radio and Noise Canceling.

With models like WorkTunes Pro and Sync, you get some digital ear protectors that can easily and efficiently provide you with effective and effective attenuation while listening to your favorite channel via direct digital signal or via your mobile and a jackstick, which is also an option.

The future of radio hearing protection?

DAB + is also an option, but be aware that it is not the same as a digital radio hearing aid. It's something else and something that belongs to the future.

Since it has been decided that the FM signal will be closed once in the next few years, the DAB solution will be highly sought after. You can future-proof your hearing aid already today. However, you should be aware of what requirements there should be for your coverage where you are. It may well be a challenge for DAB so far.

FM is still a solid choice when you and your partner are going to sweeten the work with good music and speech radio. At Stennevad you can be sure of the right solution for both of you.

Our cooperation with 3M Peltor makes us an expert in personal safety equipment and you can benefit from it all by contacting the best experts in the field.

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