Here you will find accessories for respiratory equipment, such as face seal & batteries

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Keep your respiratory protection running

We carry many kinds of accessories and spare parts for respiratory protection. It is very important that one's safety equipment is always in tip top condition, we can help you with our many years of experience. We believe in Stennevad that you with the proper knowledge about maintenance of your equipment can significantly increase the life span and thus save a good amount of money. And sometimes additional accessories may be required in the form of clothing or other air hoses, storage facilities because a new task has been created.

Both 3M and Sundstrøm think a lot in accessories for already existing products to meet customers' longevity requests for respiratory protection.

You'll have a lot of cleaning cloths and a storage box, so you can screen cleaned products in a dark, dry and air tight environment that all along the aging process will swallow.

The optimal solution

Whether it's a fresh air mask or dust masks, we can guide you to the most optimal use of all personal protective equipment. And here the accessories are an important player in relation to respiratory protection. What does a dirty safety mask help with a rubber seal? Nothing.

The end to a challenge keeping your security equipment up to date. Your accessories should be easily accessible and follow your door of the right advice.

Support & help

In Stennevad Customer Service, we receive many inquiries every day about the main products, because our customers know that quality equipment can be maintained with the right equipment and access to more things.

So, whether it's North Compact Air, 3M Adflo, Sundstrøm SR 500 or a Cleanspace mask. We have accessories and accessories that can keep you running far longer than expected.

Our colleagues in customer service and on the Danish roads are trained to accommodate all requests, large and small. A requirement from a trading company that places customers and product knowledge highest.

So, give us a ring. We are ready to save your live with certainty.