Full facepiece

A full face mask has a visor and thereby protects the entire face. These are perfect when protection needs to be top notch. In addition to protecting your lungs from gases and particles, a full mask also provides maximum protection against the face with its visor. If you want to use the mask for a long time, you must use a turbo-powered full face mask. See the selection on the page here.

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Maximum protection

A filtering respirator may be a half or full mesh with replaceable filter against particles and / or gases. If the filtering respirator is equipped with a battery-powered engine (turbo air) that blows the air through a filter, a hood may also be used as a facial part. Filtering respirators also exist as filtering face masks.

Stennevad has specialized in helping you achieve an optimal solution when you stand and need a respirator full mask and similar equipment for your personal abrasion safety for several decades. We are consultants and experts who collaborate with our research with thorough knowledge and appraisal, so that we together find product and product understanding.

There is nothing worse ... or more dangerous than spending too little knowledge and the wrong product to protect your breathing at work. Therefore, we deliver together with brands such as Pureflo, Sundström and 3M respiratory protection to suit the user and working environment. Your whole mask is personal property, which means that it should only be used and maintained by you. However, it can be shared with others if corrected correctly.

The Danish 3 hour rule

Keep in mind that a full mask of filters can only be used 3 hours a day in Denmark. If you need more time, you need turbo air or fresh air supply. Such are the rules. 3 hours rule.

If can provide you with the necessary overview of the requirements of your work and what solutions are appropriate for what you are doing. Your personal safety may concern more than the whole mask. Work gloves and disposable clothing may also be necessary protective equipment.

See, for example, our very popular Panoramasque from Honeywell with different windows and a standard DIN40 screw thread for both air hoses and universal filters. The pad is easy to change. Available as lightweight PC or slightly heavier Triflex Glass if you work with solvents.

But get in touch with us and we'll help you in goals.