Here you will find both static & dynamic ropes and climbers for fall protection and industrial climbing

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Rope is not just rope

A rope is not "just" a rope. It is basically your safety line in most cases when you are up and work in height. Therefore, choose carefully and make sure the rope is protected from sharpness and wear. Together with Petzl, we provide expert advice on quality asses of different thickness and function as well as colors, if your wish. A line to secure and support you in your daily life must be durable and approved according to applicable standards and legislation. We know what we're talking about when it comes to fall protection and rope access.

A professional rope today is built up in multiple layers, giving it a desired rigidity and flexibility that fits a need during work or leisure time.

EN1891 Low-tensile core jacket is the standard rope to be included.

Here we are talking about low-tensile core-type fabric jackets and a diameter of 8.5 mm to 16 mm, for use of people who work with ropes, including all types of support and fastening devices; for example, rescue, cave exploration and work positioning.

Stennevad gives you knowledge with your purchase

In Stennevad you get knowledge with a product, which means you get properly dressed. We also cooperate with professional rope nerds, so that we can always turn up the intensity and level of learning for the individual customer.

There may be specific requirements for the rope to be used with other fall protection devices. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to ropes and accessories in the form of climbing rails and various ropes and evacuation units. Stennevad has many years of experience among consultants and customer service to help you solve your problem. We know how the right questions are.

Work or leisure?

Fuse or obstacle?

A good place to start. You will quickly find out how comprehensive a task should be as a minimum. We have time and economy in mind, so you do not give up halfway.

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