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Here you will find the right painting roller that makes paint a play

Mini frame short

Plastic handle, fits Anza extension handles

DKK35.63 DKK28.50
In stock
Basic edium

All-round roller with very high capacity

DKK33.75 DKK27.00
In stock
Elite extra smooth

10 cm mini roller for ekstra smooth surfacer, like doors & woodwork

DKK36.25 DKK29.00
In stock
Elite extra smooth

15 cm mini roller for ekstra smooth surfacer, like doors & woodwork

DKK52.50 DKK42.00
In stock
Paint roller 25 cm

8 mm diameter steel

DKK29.38 DKK23.50
In stock
Paint brace long 10 cm

Can be used with 100 to 150 mm rolls

DKK20.00 DKK16.00
In stock
Paint roller 10 cm

Paint roller, stick. Can be used with 100 to 150 mm rolls

DKK18.13 DKK14.50
In stock
Super smooth

10 cm suitable for high gloss paint and varnish as well as boat paint

DKK35.00 DKK28.00
In stock
Moltopren Foam

10 cm roll for smooth surfaces

DKK23.13 DKK18.50
In stock

10 cm for rough surfaces

DKK33.75 DKK27.00
In stock

The right roll makes paint easy

It's important to have the right thing to paint. Here you will find only paint rolls that are of the highest caliber. We in Stennevad believe that equipment like paint instruments must be of high quality when professionals need to use a painting roller for a task. We have allied us with the best manufacturers in the field. Anza and Spekter roller is what we have on the table, which benefits you and your colleagues all the way in your daily work. Often painting tools are something that "just" comes with when painting is purchased. We say that your paint roller is just as important as the paint you apply to different surfaces. Quality all the way is part of our values, which must play to our customers' advantage.

The clear point here is that you and your colleagues do not lose anything by looking at our paint rolls. We are experienced consultants who do not stop before you are satisfied. Then contact us in customer service and present your possible wishes or challenges in everyday life that will allow you to pass us to speak the painter's roll.

You know it. You must have painted a room, but it only goes too slowly with a brush. You're thinking of a roller roll. A good wide one that can cover at first overcoating. You will find the best bid for the solution you are looking for. We do not guarantee that it will be covered for the first time, but we have the wide paint roller you are looking for. Good suction and an application that is smooth and uniform all the way to the finish line.


We have all made our own experiences with painting rolls. We have our own preferences and even own favorite brands in paint roller types. We deliver Anza and Spekter, which never runs from their highest quality of painting equipment and rolling tools for repeated painting, focusing on satisfaction with the master, boss or customer after quickly efficiently finished work. Stennevad helps you and your colleagues all the way and fully covers.