Tailored safety agreement

When it comes to occupational safety for you, your colleagues and your employees, we not only sell you a boilerplate solution. Throughout the years, we have developed our concept and knowledge continuously, so we offer you a completely tailored safety agreement on everything in personal safety, work equipment and workplace products. You will be paired up with your very own personal advisor who will adapt to your business and your needs. You jointly prepare the security agreement and set goals and expectations for the duration of the agreement. Your tailored safety agreement is your safety to have the best work safety and best prices. It is also your assurance that we have everything in stock that you need.

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Updated safety knowledge

You know how fast things go in today's world, barely enough to learn a fraction of the things we want. Therefore, an important point of the security agreement is that you are constantly updated by your personal adviser. This applies to both new personal protective equipment and personal safety, but also new rules and regulations on occupational safety. There are also ongoing new instructions from the Labor Inspectorate, which pave the way for their procedures and controls. With your personal adviser is always sure that you know everything you need to know, and that you use the right safety equipment and that you use it correctly.

Your safe partner

Since we started out in 1960, it has been our vision to be much more than just a company selling goods - to save your life with certainty. It requires seriousness and knowledge about occupational safety, around you, your colleagues, your employees and your industry. Our choice of suppliers and products in both personal safety, work equipment and workplace products is characterized by this. The same makes our own line of personal security - by Stennevad, produced in close cooperation with our partners and their tailored safety agreements.